Nick has left the Building.

It was with great sadness that we announce our Nick – the founding member of Portmanteaux and Bass player extraordinaire – has not only left the building, but has also left the country.Nick1

Nick has moved with his wife and family to USA – he got a job offer that was too good to be true.  Good on him, we reckon.

We had what turned out to be a triumphant last gig at Henry (the other founding band member and Guitar Virtuoso) and Sarah’s wedding.  A happy crowd, full of friends and family was a wonderful way to both congratulate Henry and Sarah, and farewell to Nick.

A few days before he left we had a very nice band dinner at a local restaurant – which was sad but fun none the less.

Luckily Nick finished all his parts for the recording of the new album ! Thank you Nick for your hard work, your incredible grooves, your musicianship and your friendship.

We will miss him, and we wish him well.  Given his Australian heritage and family and friends hopefully he will be back for a visit.


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