Mick – Drums.Mick2

Mick started playing drums at aged 10… then decided at aged 12 that official lessons might be the way to go.

He has played in many bands – including Jamie Conways Scarlet and Changing Names – and all the main venues around Melbourne including the Chevron, Prospect Hill Hotel, Billboard, Village Green and Sandown Park.

Drums became less of a priority in the mid 80’s due to the fact that Mick and his wife had started a family…. but now in the 2010’s Mick has been really enjoying getting back into playing again.

He resisted the temptation of buying a Ferrari during his mid life crisis: he bought a TAMA Starclassic Maple drum set instead.

Mick now realizes that he is enjoying playing his drums much more now than when he was younger – much less stress and there is no reason now to impress anyone…. which is ironic given his drumming is very impressive indeed.